About Project Phantom

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Project Phantom is a freely available (albeit not yet released), unofficial modification for Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge that changes the game into something else entirely. Originally started in 2007 as a modification that merely introduces a new faction and improves the three existing ones, it has eventually evolved into what it is today, featuring an unique universe and story with three different playable factions with all-new list of units, new visuals and audio.


Project Phantom features, as of now, three playable factions, which are Western Defense Coalition, Eurasian Dominion, and Phantom Project. Each faction has it's own unique set of structures, infantry & units along with support powers and superweapons, offering different options for playstyles depending on which faction you are playing with.

Logos of the factions in Project Phantom


The story of Project Phantom, instead of building on top of or branching from the story of the original game is instead set in it's own alternate history universe where a cataclysmic event known later as 'the Shift' accelerated science and pushed history to another direction from what we all know. North Atlantic Treaty Organization became the military & political alliance of an unprecedented power in form of the Western Defense Coalition, whilst Soviet Union was toppled over in a military coup faciliated using mind-control technology, forging the Eurasian Dominion. In aftermath of a devastating war between the two superpowers, where world is still healing and suffering from conflicts, an elusive group known as the Phantom emerges and puts forward plans that will change the balance of power, and the fate of the entire world.

Read more about the story & setting of Project Phantom here.

New Multiplayer Maps, Modes & Gameplay Elements

Project Phantom offers a myriad of new skirmish & online multiplayer maps in addition to an assortment of several favourites from the original C&C: Yuri's Revenge, as well as a selection of new gameplay modes in addition to the standard battle mode. Several of the new maps also introduce new gameplay elements such as neutral enemies & new capturable goodies and environmental hazards.

Audiovisual Overhaul

A large amount of effort has been put on creating the new building, unit & environment graphics along with all the other visual effects and interfaces to create a new and coherent atmosphere for Project Phantom and ramp up the aesthetics to whole another level. Most of the visuals, including the environments from the original game have been replaced by more high-quality or otherwise better-fitting ones, or tweaked/improved to better fit the general look and feel of the modification.

Similarly, audio has had an overhaul. Most unit voice-overs and sound effects have been replaced. New sound effects such as background ambient sounds have been introduced to add to the atmosphere of the game. The playable factions also have their own selection of new music to play in the game, fitting to the theme of each faction in one way or another.

And More...

The mod is in continuous development, new and interesting things will be added over time where needed, bugs and issues will be addressed based on feedback, even after the release.