Eurasian Dominion Overview


'Order and Peace Through CONTROL'

In 1984, a group of Soviet military officers put in motion a coup d'etat that toppled over the Soviet Union. Using powerful piece of technology called Dominus that can be used to influence will of humans was a key to their success. Thus was born the Eurasian Dominion, a military regime that would morph itself into a near-totalitarian surveillance state with nigh-unparalleled industrial and military might. Aggressive territory expansion under rule of Chairman Sevastyan Biryukov as well as further military developments drove the relations of the East and the West into an unprecedented state of tension that broke when World War III set the world ablaze. Clashing with the Western Defense Coalition, the Eurasian Dominion and WDC eventually came to a standstill and an uneasy truce was made, with first decade of the 21st century being time of relative peace. Within the group of those who hold grip over the Dominion, people of influence are biding their time for an opportunity to change the future of the world to suit their vision.

Eurasian Dominion exerts it's impressive military might through it's unmatched armor divisions, using heavily armored forces, weapons of large-scale destruction and area denial tactics to crush any opposition. A prominent aspect of Dominion military tactics involves causing disarray within enemy ranks, accomplished by use of Dominus technology to control and misdirect enemy forces. While Eurasian Dominion forces exemplify the raw military might of a modern superpower, their vehicles tend to be on the slow-moving side allowing faster combatants to potentially overwhelm them.


  • Generally slow but extremely damage-resistant units, as well as heavily armored structures.
  • Area-of-effect / large-radius splash damage weapons, revenge-killing exploding units and enemy unit control & disruption tactics.
  • Vehicle support powers & structures, mobile base expansion and area-denial defenses/traps.