Western Coalition Overview


'UNITY for Betterment of All Mankind'

After the advent of Fortium-, Luminum- and Arcasite-based technologies that came as byproduct of the Shift, NATO member nations grew increasingly concerned of the threat that their opponents, Warsaw Pact and most importantly the USSR, could pose as the development of technology ventured to previously unexplored territories. As a response, in 1963, NATO reconstituted itself as Western Defense Coalition, a more unified alliance between it's member nations to be better able to respond to any potential threats to it's security and other interests. It was not until the rise of Eurasian Dominion in mid-80's that such threat would manifest itself. In fear of Dominion's mind-controlling technology and newfound power, Coalition responded in a way that sparked a chain-reaction that led to World War III. It was not until the two superpowers fought to a stalemate for 9 years that a fragile peace was forged, one that lasts to this very day, for time being.

Coalition relies on modern armament mixed with cutting edge-technology on the battlefield. Assault rifles, anti-aircraft guns and missile launchers are used alongside laser and sonic weaponry. Coalition forces are quite possibly the most adaptable and versatile military in the world backed up with a wide-reaching support grid capable of providing reinforcements and air support to Coalition field commanders.


  • Focus on multi-functional units, 'jack of all trades, master of none'-type mentality.
  • Artillery & long-range weapons/tactics and heavy-duty support units.
  • Strong base defense structures and an access to a variety of reinforcements deployment support powers.