While Project Phantom is still progressing without much of external help, in case anyone wants to help with the development and make the mod even better - they are more than welcome to do so.


Infantry Graphics Artist

Involves creation of infantry 3D models, animation and rendering into bitmaps. Conversion to formats used by the game is not required, however knowledge of the workflow of creating infantry 3D models and their animations that would be suitable for conversion into a sprite is essential.

Building Artist

Creation of new building artwork, preferrably via 3D modeling. Texturing, animation or conversion to game formats is not necessarily required.

Voxel Artists

Whilst most vehicles already have their own unique voxel artwork, there are still few things that could be done, especially with civilian vehicles and such. Extra help with those would be appreciated.

General Graphic Artists

Drawings, UI designs, concept & promotional art are all things that would be welcome.


At the moment mostly skirmish / multiplayer maps would be nice, but in future there will be work to be done with singleplayer maps as well. Knowledge on how to use FinalAlert 2 Map Editor is a must, and due to gameplay / visual concerns, there is a certain degree of quality control when it comes to complexity of map layouts and level of detail.

Music Composers

It would be very nice, if one day Project Phantom had it's own custom soundtrack. This would require assistance from talented music composers to happen.

If you think you could help the development in some other way, please contact.

To get in contact, please send a mail to or private message Starkku (Revora forums or Project Perfect Mod).